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Welcome to 87F the site that is dedicated to the railway history of Llanelli in Carmarthenshire in West Wales.

The entrepreneurs who invested in the industrial expansion of Llanelli saw the advantages of railways over canals as a means of transport from very early days. There were short feeder tramroads in the town in the 18th century but the first formal railway was set up by the Carmarthenshire Railway in an Act of Parliament in 1802. This was the first public railway in Wales providing the foundation of 200 years of railway history.
At the same time the industrial lines were being built to connect the new works and docks.
This site covers all the lines and as an added interest has a page on local trams and buses as well.
Updates continue so please bookmark the site.
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Why 87F
Llanelli had a large locomotive shed built by the GWR in 1925. It had an identification code of LLY (referring to the town’s pre-1967 spelling). Following nationalisation in 1948 British Railways introduced a new system. West Wales was part of the Neath District numbered as 87. Llanelly shed became 87F, which seemed a suitable name for this website.
Updated  January 2018
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