Railways Around Llanelli

North Dock

The North Dock was the largest and last dock opened in Llanelli. It was built by the Harbour Trust in 1903 and took much of the local trade but was never a commercial success. Like other docks its life was extended by the needs of WWII. The Harbour Trust closed the dock in 1952, however, in the 1970s a local chicken farm used it to import wheat for feed. After that the gates were removed and dock was left to silt up and decay. But there are now commercial development plans around the dock, apartment blocks being the first stage. The dock itself was cleaned and permanently closed to the sea.
The entrance to the North Dock was to the left of the signal box seen in the centre of the photograph.
The Carmarthenshire Dock is to the right with Joblin’s Slip visible at the far right.
The signal box controlled traffic over the swing bridge that provided access for the Llanelly & Mynydd Mawr Railway to their coal hoists that were on the structures in the foreground.
Local Docks
Carmarthenshire Dock
Copperworks Dock
Pemberton Dock
New (GWR) Dock