Railways Around Llanelli


Llanelli’s first trams ran on 28 September 1882. The horse drawn system was built by the Llanelly Tramways Company and was to 3 foot gauge.
It ran from Heol Fawr along Stepney Street, Cowell Street and Murray Street. In 1889 the company changed its name to Llanelly & District Electric Lighting and Traction Co. Ltd. The company did not make any impact on Llanelli until 1906 when, now owned by British Power, it bought the horse tramway. It was not until 1911, however, that the electric trams took over from horses. This was a year after the North Dock Power Station was built. By now the company was owned by Balfour Beatty who owned both electrical generation for the town and its tramway. The routes were extended to Bynea, Felinfoel and Pwll, but not Burry port has had been planned. There was also no service beyond the railway station.
The system was converted to trolley buses in 1932.
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