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The trolley buses were introduced in 1932 taking over from the trams. The system had a small extension to create a loop along Station Approach following an agreement with the GWR who owned the road. The first trial run from Bynea took place on 19 December. There were other trips but the vehicles were licensed from 24 December and the first service took place on Boxing Day on the Loughor route. The last trams on the Felinfoel and Pwll routes ran on 16 February 1933 and the trolley buses took over the next day.
The system was still owned by Balfour Beatty when the electricity industry was nationalised on 1 January 1948 and South Wales Electricity Board came into being. In Llanelli it found itself with a trolley bus company. Nothing changed for a few years but eventually the trolley buses were sold to South Wales Transport who already ran motor bus services in the town. The transfer of ownership took place on 22 March 1952. The new company had no reason to retain the aging trolley bus system and bought 11 new double-deck motor buses as a replacement. The last trolley bus ran on 8 November 1852.
Two models of Llanelly Trolley Buses.
Above; as delivered in blue livery.
Right; in the green livery applied in the late 1940s.
The last trolley bus in Llanelli 
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