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South Wales Transport

South Wales Transport began as a subsidiary of the British Electric Transport Company (BET) in 1914 based in Swansea. The route to Llanelli was established the following year. The company’s long association with AEC chassis builder began after WWI ended and the developments by that company can be seen through the decades that followed.
Expansion around Llanelli involved taking over local companies such as Bacus, Gwendraeth Transport and Treharne Bros. Llanelli’s trolley bus system was taken over by SWT in 1952 and quickly replaced by motor buses. The bus service around New Dock was also taken over and needed specially built low roof single deck buses because of the low railway bridges, buses unique to Llanelli.
The Ammanford based BET subsidiary J James was merged under the SWT banner in 1962.
SWT’s first bus garage in Llanelli was in Erw Road but moved to Robinson Street when the trolley buses were taken over. An overflow was later opened in Copperworks Road.
The Swansea & Mumbles Railway was taken over by SWT in 1959. As with Llanelli’s trolley buses this enterprise was quickly closed (on 5 January 1960) and motor buses took over.
SWT No. 372 in Stepney Street, Llanelli about a year after it was delivered in 1951 from AEC.
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